Push and store cabinet

Chung-Tang Ho created a cabinet that changes shape during use, a solid volume that opens up when objects are stored within it. The cabinet is in fact a sculpture in the round you and your objects can participate in.


Price on request, get in touch via [email protected] 


Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 110 × 60 × 100 cm

about the designer

Chung-Tang Ho / Tong

The push and store cabinet designed by the talented designer Chung-Tang Ho was part of the second edition of Smart Deco. Smart Deco was initially presented in collaboration with the New York Friedman Benda Gallery at Art Basel Miami in December 2006. Each participant had complete freedom to choose forms, materials and aesthetics. All works show a fascination for high tech materials and advanced techniques, for human interaction as well as for re-using the waste we produce.

Smart Deco 2 emphasises not only the blurring boundaries between traditional craftsmanship and innovative concepts and materials but also between design and technology, design and nature, design and biology, real and artificial, waste and high value, rich and poor.