Tool inlays

Intruding on the standard production method, FormaFantasma introduces unexpected meaning and craft into a mass produced item. Intricately shaped inlays are incorporated into chip board—transforming the material from under- to Upperlayment™. Part of the Hidden inlays series, Tool inlays incorporates carefully cut inlays in the shape of the tools used to make the furniture.


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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 250 × 120 × 45 cm
Product Size
Package Weight
Package Size

about the designer


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin originate from Sicily and Veneto—two completely different Italian regions that have an influence their design approach. Trimarchi & Farresin both studied in Florence at ISIA (University of Industrial and Communication Design) and since then have both graduated from the IM Master course at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2006 they started working together on communication and illustration projects and currently are focusing on product design, but maintaining a strong iconographical approach.